Características de Radical Padel

Online reservations

Optimizes and drives your club with a complete online booking module adapted to your needs.

We generate activity

We create group identity and encourage participation, increasing your conversion rate.

Adds added value

Open a competition for your club with a self-managed, different, and unique format that adapts to each player.


We position each player at their Real level, thanks to our algorithm based on the ELO system from chess.

More matches, more reservations

We motivate players to compete in a friendly and challenging environment.


Inform by inserting events into calendars or chat, through push notifications or emails, whether individual or groups.

Customize it

Configure groups, payments, wallets, availability, access, and manage bookings from your mobile.

Recover your club

Eliminate monthly fees, commissions, and costs for app usage. Retain control of your club and your clients.


Receive instant push notifications for new bookings, cancellations, substitutions, reminders, comparisons...

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Radical Padel